Student X – Let’s call him Arthur

Arthur has really benefitted from going to Belle Vue in SCAPS on a Monday and Tuesday. His attitude and perseverance have very much developed in the last few weeks. Arthur has been taught the skills at SCAPS to deal with different social situations, including avoiding getting himself into trouble in a situation when it wasn’t his issue to begin with.

With regular communication between Callowell and Belle Vue, we were able to identify gaps in Arthur’s learning (Phonics, handwriting) and Belle Vue have taken the time to start filling in any gaps that he missed throughout his schooling.

As well as this, Belle Vue has been preparing Arthur for any changes/difficulties that he might face in school. Arthur spent his first full day back at school on Friday, where he had a different teacher and routine. He dealt with this very successfully.

After having visited Belle Vue on 19th June, I can really see Arthur’s progress and confidence enhancing. Belle Vue have been in regular communication with Callowell to make sure that we team up and do the best that we can for Arthur.

Miss Hocking (Year 5 teacher at Callowell)