Core Aims & Values

To provide an inclusive and personalised education for all our pupils, so that they learn to succeed as individuals.

Core Aims and Values:
  • To enable pupils to make a successful transition to their next stage of education or employment
  • To support families in recognising the key role they have to play in pupils’ learning and success
  • To provide a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment. Develop an atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect, which builds self-esteem, values diversity and promotes healthy lifestyles
  • To develop a rich, varied and enjoyable educational experience through high quality teaching, which motivates individual challenge and promotes achievement
  • To develop an understanding and awareness of personal responsibility; encouraging participation in our school and the wider community to ensure young people make a positive and valued contribution
  • To develop future economic well-being through accredited educational and vocational goals
  • To enhance learning opportunities through working in partnership with other stakeholders
  • To provide a range of high quality early intervention strategies available to all partnership schools