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Belle Vue

We believe working alongside parents and carers is absolutely crucial to the success of our service. Including parents and carers in our school community is important to our pupils, and the way in which they view their working relationship with our school. We can provide advice and support to parents and carers, advising on parenting issues and we are also able to signpost parents to other services and avenues of support.

 Our aims for our pupils are: 
  • To build resilience and improve behaviour
  • To tackle persistent absence
  • To give pupils time to talk about issues which affect school behaviour
  • To assess pupils' work levels and target problem areas of the curriculum
  • To liaise closely with the school and to feed back information
  • To keep parents fully informed of pupils’ progress

 To assist pupils’ successful re-engagement at school

  • It is important that you contact us if your child is unable to attend the school at any time.  
  • There is a 24 hour Answer Machine.
  • If your child has not arrived at the school within 15 minutes of the expected arrival time you will be informed.
 School Hours:    Monday - Friday   9:00am - 2:00pm (primary 12.30pm on Friday)
Pupils will be expected to be respectful of all staff and other pupils.

Pupils will be expected to be respectful of the building and all equipment.

Pupils will be expected to wear uniform as follows:
Either black or navy trousers / jogging bottoms
Sensible, practical shoes (no sliders, slippers, Crocs, sandals)
A plain t-shirt (no logos) which should be black, navy or white
No hats / beanies
All pupils will be required to wear a jumper or polo shirt that we will provide and launder. They will be given this first thing in the morning and will be expected to wear it throughout the day (except during physical activities). 

All pupil belongings will be locked away for safety.  Pupils will have no access to them until the end of the day (this includes mobile phones).

Pupils should not bring fizzy/energy drinks into school.

Pupils should not bring cigarettes/tobacco/vapes to the school.  There is no unsupervised time.